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Nice game! But having the arrow keys layed out in a straigth line that doesn’t corresponds to the layout of the keys gives me a hard time pressing the good key (and pressing up and down at the same time is a pain) But you got me groovin


I really don't like this type of rhythm game, or rhythm games in general, so I can't really give great feedback. I'll do my best.

Level 2 was too hard for me.

I thought the dialogue some of the people said was funny when I walked up to them.

Mixing Arrow Keys + E + Mouse for the controls was little rough to work with. Let the player navigate menus using the keyboard so they don't ever have to switch hands like that.

Thank you for playing!

Really good feedback especially about the controls as I didn't even consider that and will take that advice on board for future games :)


Nice grooves! Pressing up+down is quite a challenge too :D


Man was not meant to press the up and down keys at the same time